Handling file uploads without CFFILE

Many of us don’t have the luxury of dedicated servers and have to live with a shared host. Since hosts often limit some CF tags for security reasons, this appears to limit what we can do in CF. This question has come up a number of times in the forums so I put together an example of how to handle file uploads without CFFILE.
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Charting feature brainstorm

Now that our component set is done and released we’re starting to look at our enhancement list and coming up with ideas for the next version. We’ll probably have a maintenance release to add a few options and maybe a chart or two.

We’d love to hear your requests so feel free to post comments here or send me e-mail directly. document.write(““); document.write(“sam”); document.write(“@”); document.write(“blinex”); document.write(“.com“);

If you’re not familiar with our charts, please check them out. http://www.blinex.com/products/charting

Creating case sensitive XML Attributes

There was a question on a mailing list today complaining that CFMX creates XML attributes as all capitals. The user would do something like this:

Which of course produces an XML document that looks like this:

The trick is to use the array access notation instead of dot notation. Once you do that, your case is preserved. This is a complete example.