At CFUnited this week, speaking about Flash and .Net Integration on the Desktop

IÂ’m attending/speaking at CFUnited this week. CFUnited is the largest ColdFusion conference, and this year looks to be a great event. The CFUnited team has done a great job with the session lineup, speakers, and the venue which is being held in a brand new facility.

My talk will be on Flash and .Net integration on the desktop. For people who have Flash applications currently delivered through the web or would like to build a Flash application and deliver it as a desktop application, in this session I will go through an alternative approach to using 3rd party projectors or Macromedia Central that in certain cases will meet your needs more easily.

In the session I go through embedding the Flash OCX control in a WinForms applications, communicating to and from Flash to WinForms and other tips, and debugging techniques that help when building such applications.

Although this is not a ColdFusion specific application, IÂ’m hoping itÂ’s a session people will find interesting especially if they are looking to take a Flash application that talks to a ColdFusion back-end to the desktop

I live a mile away from where CFUnited is being held and will be in and out of the conference all week. I will be there most of the day on Thursday. Feel free to flag me down and say hello! MXNA has a temp CFUnited smart category which is a good way to keep up with what is happening this week at the event

Limit Line support added to B-Line Charting Components 3.0

We just released an updated to B-Line Charting Components 3.0 with added support for limit lines, enhanced Flash Player 6 support, and enhanced version readability.

The limit line support is something that’s often requested and can be used in many scenarios. This functionality allows adding any number of horizontal or vertical lines perpendicular to any axis at a specified value point. Each line has a label which can be placed in one of 22 possible positions. Also each line is individually stylable and the label can be left as the associated value or customized. Here are four charts with limit lines.

We’ve also greatly improved Flash Player 6 compatibility by including an entire second set of components specifically optimized for Flash Player 6. Additionally, all charts now show the version number and target player in their live preview.

All customers can download the latest updates by logging in at For more information and to purchase the components visit

A Big Day for Flash, Flash Platform and Macromedia Joining the Eclipse Foundation

Seems like a big day in announcements from Macromedia.

First, Macromedia launches a portion of its website dedicated to the “Flash Platform”

Some intersting documents on the Flash Platform


Macromedia announces their intentions to deliver an IDE for rich internet application development based on the eclipse platform.

It’s great to see Macromedia marketing the “Flash Platform” in such a prominent manner and to see Macromedia working on a developer oriented IDE.