In Amsterdam for Spark, and speaking about Flex 2

I’m in Amsterdam this week for Spark Europe and will be speaking on “Introduction to Flex 2.0″.

In the session give a good overview of what Flex 2 is all about, how it relates to the rest of the Flash Platform, briefly cover the new player, ActionScript 3.0, MXML, the Framework, and even attempt to build a simple application on stage. My goal with this session is to give people a good understanding of all the components and what their role is in Flex and allow them to get up to speed more quickly because of it. Flex 2 is a big step that any RIA developer will be interested in

Spark looks to be an excellent event. It has been very well organized and thought out, the speaker lineup and session are excellent and the venue rocks. If you will be attending make sure to say hello!