Moock’s Bootcamp, if you can make it go!

Just in case anyone missed it, Colin will be giving a two day bootcamp taking someone from ground zero with little coding experience all the way to ActionScript 2.0 and Object Oriented Programming. Depending on your experience, be it a designer with little formal teaching or you are looking to learn ActionScript 2.0 and Object Oriented Programming/Design Patterns I highly recommend you check it out. Colin is an excellent writer and presenter

Session 1: Beginner’s Introduction to ActionScript (Great if you are starting out)
Session 2: Introduction to Object-oriented Programming (Get a good handle on OOP)
Session 3: Introduction to Design Patterns (Take your OOP knowledge to the next level)

Lost Angeles ca, may 16-17 (already over)
session 1 & 2 (Good for starting from ground zero)

Rochester ny, may 31-june 1
session 2 & 3 (Good if you have some programming experience but want to take it to the next level)

Sybase SQL not same as Microsoft SQL

I’ve always heard that Sybase SQL Server was essentially the same as Microsoft SQL Server. I’ve even read about developers authoring applications against MSSQL and then deploying to Sybase SQL.

Well, this week I started on my first project with Sybase SQL Server and was amazed at how different they are. Sybase SQL doesn’t support “TOP” syntax and all SQL identifiers (table and field names) are case sensitive. So a query on “SELECT * FROM Documents” will fail if the table is name “DOCUMENTS”. That’s just what I ran into in the first few days.. I’m sure there will be more surprises to come.

So if there are others out there who assumed the two were compatible due to their common root and other community fodder, you are now forewarned.

Mission Critical Application Architecture and Flash

I’ve been a bit late posting my slide notes, I had to clean some of it up and remove some content that my company wanted to keep out.

I had a lot of fun giving this presentation as it was the first time where I got to showcase what I work on day to day. The people who attended seemed to really enjoy it too which was good.

In the presentation I go through

  • Overview of Mission-Critical Applications
  • Why Flash, am I crazy?
  • Introduction to Clinical Skills (Mission Critical Product)
  • Quick demo of the System
  • Problems we needed to solve
  • Introduction to a state based architecture
  • When to use a state based architecture
  • Brief Back-end implementation overview
  • Flash state loader framework overview
  • What happens in real-time
  • Benefits

I want to thank Sean and his crew for holding yet again an excellent event and letting me speak about an obscure subject. Fitc seems to keep getting better very year, Danny summed up my thoughts very well so I won’t repeat.

Download Slide Notes