From Enagage, Apollo, new Flex, new Flash Media Server, and stand alone Flash Video Player this year

During the first session today at Engage, Kevin Lynch unveiled the timeline for Flash related products. There were some interesting things mentioned.

First half of the year

  • Apollo on public labs
  • New Flex, codename “Moxie” also on public labs
  • CS3 will be release

Second half of the year

  • Apollo 1.0 will be released
  • Flex “Moxie” will be released
  • New product, Flash stand alone player codename “Philo”
  • A new version of Flash Media server will be released

Here’s a picture of the timeline

This seems like an exciting year for Flash, especially the announcement of a stand alone video player. Flash has taken a large chunk of the online video market very quickly, this will only further that growth.

For Flex, not many hints were given yet on what will be new with Moxie, but one of the main goals seems to be adding Apollo support within the framework.

In San Francisco for Adobe’s Engage Event

I’m in San Francisco for the week and will be one of the presenters at the Engage event. Engage is a one day event being held Tuesday the 27th, where Adobe is getting together some of their best customers who are developing products with their tools alongside some of the software industry experts. You might have caught some hints about it on Ryan Stewart’s, Robert Scoble’s, Michael Arrington’s blogs.

At the event I will be discussing SimCube™, our latest product that is an all in one solution for capturing, debriefing, and assessing medical students. Here’s what our marketing folks have to say

SimCubeâ„¢, an affordable, portable, and easy to use solution for capturing simulation encounters. SimCubeâ„¢ records multiple feeds digitally, handles video annotation and debriefing, integrates with multiple types of medical simulators and builds participant portfolios. SimCubeâ„¢ also manages users, provides tools for scenario and checklist creation and generates multiple types of reports.

The cool thing about this product is that the entire UI is built with Flex 2 and is 100% cross platform. Here’s a screen shot where a user can play back a captured session with multiple videos in sync alongside the medical simulator vital signs as well as add annotations to the video.

SimCube debrief

I’m looking forward to this event, as it’s not often that I get to talk with other companies who are developing products with Flex/Flash. It will also be a good chance to talk with some of the industry experts and find out what their take is on SimCubeâ„¢, and to discuss some of our future plans at Atellis. I will try to report back on the event here as well.

Eight Programming Flex Chapters Posted On Rough Cuts

O’Reilly has posted eight more chapters of my upcoming book Programming Flex with Joey Lott. If you have already purchased the rough cuts edition, log in to download the new chapters. Rough cuts is a great way of getting access to the book before it hits the shelves. It’s exciting to see people getting access to the book online. Can’t wait till it hits the shelves!