CFUN-04 Interview online

Both Chafic and I are speaking at CFUN-04 this year. One thing they’re doing new to provide more information about the conference is interviews with all the speakers. My interview is now available online.

Read my interview about integrating ColdFusion with Microsoft Office.

Last year was my first time at CFUN and I thought it was a great conference with lots of topics covering all skill levels in a variety of CF-related areas. If you’re in the DC-metro area or are just looking for a great CF-specific conference, I highly suggest it. This year it’s June 26 & 27 in Rockville, MD. Read more about the conference.

FYI: If you’re coming from out of town, the conference is at the DoubleTree which is fairly expensive. There’s a Ramada Inn across the street.

B-Line Charting Components 3.0 For Flash MX 2004 Now Available

We released our major update to B-Line Charting Components 3.0 today. This includes migration to the v2 architecture as well as internal updates to accomodate new features including combination charts, eight different axis scales, custom axis normalization routines, the ability to attach the legend to a container outside the chart, and enhanced styles support.

The set now includes fifteen charting components.

  1. Area Chart
  2. Box Chart
  3. Bubble Chart
  4. Candlestick Chart
  5. Clustered Bar Chart
  6. Combo Chart (new)
  7. Hi-Low Chart
  8. Horizontal Clustered Bar Chart (new)
  9. Horizontal Stacked Bar Chart (new)
  10. Line Chart
  11. Pie Chart
  12. Scatter Chart
  13. Stacked Bar Chart
  14. Step Chart (new)
  15. Triangle Chart

Notable features added in this release include

  • Enhanced event meta-data
  • Eight axis scales plus a custom scaling mechanism
  • Rotated and staggered tick mark labels
  • Vertical labels that don’t require an embedded font
  • Optional axes on all four sides of the chart
  • The ability to attach the legend to a MovieClip outside the chart
  • Expanded documentation with over 800 pages of information including many larger examples

For more general information and to purchase the components visit our website.

For detailed information on the features and functionality in this new version you can review the documentation online.

Can’t remember COM Program ID’s? PrimalScript to the rescue!

Sapien released a new build of our favorite IDE over the weekend, PrimalScript 3.1.437. This minor update adds PrimalSense (aka Tag-Insight or Intellisense) to createObject calls to list all installed COM ProgID’s. This is a pretty nifty feature if you work with COM in ColdFusion.


PrimalScript users can download the latest software by using the Help: Check for Updates… command inside PrimalScript.

UDF to validate XML against XSD in CFMX

We’re working on an XML import routine and needed to first validate the incoming documents against an XML Schema. Since I wasn’t able to find a working example on the web I pieced together this UDF from the many posts on the subject.

A URI to the XML file to be validated. Required.
A URI to the XML Schema file to validate content that is not namespace qualified. Optional.
A list of whitespace delimited namespaces and XSD URI pairs to provide schemas for validating namespace qualified content. Optional.
An empty structure that is populated with details about the validation error, if any. This argument can be ommitted if all you want is the boolean result.

The URI parameters must be valid URLs and not OS file names. To facilitate this I’m also including a UDF, makeUriFromPath, that convers a fully-qualified OS file name to a true URI.

To use this UDF you must have the Xerces parser installed which can be downloaded here.

var parser = createObject("java","org.apache.xerces.parsers.SAXParser");

var err = structNew();
var k = "";
var success = true;

var eHandler = createObject(

var apFeat = "";
var apProp = "";


if (structKeyExists(arguments, "parseError")) {
err = arguments.parseError;

try {


apFeat & "validation/schema",

apFeat & "validation/schema-full-checking",

if (structKeyExists(arguments, "noNamespaceXsdUri") and
arguments.noNamespaceXsdUri neq "") {

apProp & "schema/external-noNamespaceSchemaLocation",


if (structKeyExists(arguments, "namespaceXsdUri") and
arguments.namespaceXsdUri neq "") {

apProp & "schema/external-schemaLocation",

} catch (Any ex) {
structAppend(err, ex, true);
success = false;

function makeUriFromPath(path) {
var uri = path;

// make all backslashes into slashes
uri = replace(uri, "", "/", "all");
if (left(uri,1) is "/") {
uri = right(uri, len(uri) - 1);

uri = "file:///" & uri;

return uri;

Valid: #xsdValidate(xmlUri, xsdUri, "", err)#

This UDF was put together primarily from information in Rob Rohan’s post on this cf-talk thread and from Massimo Foti’s UDF to validate an XML file against a DTD.

I’ll submit both of the above to cflib shortly.

Introduction to the V2 Architecture posted at

An article I wrote was published today on The article introduces the V2 component architecture and discusses UIObject/UIComponent.

The Article Covers:

  • Setup and Core Implementation
  • Required Properties
  • Initialization, required methods and a bit of theory
  • Post-Initialization Concerns
  • Public API
  • Events
  • The UIComponent Base Class

You can find it here.