B-Line Charting Components 3.0 For Flash MX 2004 Now Available

We released our major update to B-Line Charting Components 3.0 today. This includes migration to the v2 architecture as well as internal updates to accomodate new features including combination charts, eight different axis scales, custom axis normalization routines, the ability to attach the legend to a container outside the chart, and enhanced styles support.

The set now includes fifteen charting components.

  1. Area Chart
  2. Box Chart
  3. Bubble Chart
  4. Candlestick Chart
  5. Clustered Bar Chart
  6. Combo Chart (new)
  7. Hi-Low Chart
  8. Horizontal Clustered Bar Chart (new)
  9. Horizontal Stacked Bar Chart (new)
  10. Line Chart
  11. Pie Chart
  12. Scatter Chart
  13. Stacked Bar Chart
  14. Step Chart (new)
  15. Triangle Chart

Notable features added in this release include

  • Enhanced event meta-data
  • Eight axis scales plus a custom scaling mechanism
  • Rotated and staggered tick mark labels
  • Vertical labels that don’t require an embedded font
  • Optional axes on all four sides of the chart
  • The ability to attach the legend to a MovieClip outside the chart
  • Expanded documentation with over 800 pages of information including many larger examples

For more general information and to purchase the components visit our website.

For detailed information on the features and functionality in this new version you can review the documentation online.

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