My name is Chafic Kazoun and this is my blog where I share my thoughts on Flash, Flex, and RIA development. I’m the founder and Chief Software Architect at Atellis and B-Line Medical

If you need to get in touch with me just email my first name at domain name.

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  1. Hello Mr.Chafik
    My name is Dolly Harb from Lebanon 29 years old.
    actually i met your father MR. Amine Kazoun today for the first time in his new house”Jbeil” and while we were talking he mentioned your name and he told me little about your job in the USA,,well to be honest i didnt understand exactly what is your job,Flex was the first time i hear about this software,,dont know yet what this software is like or the purpose to use it…
    But what i know that u love flash so much,exactly like i do,,i just feel time is passing by without getting bored while using it:)

    Mr Amine said u have books about Flash,and he has it in his office,,i would like to have the books,and maybe i can profit from your experience.

    i studied flash,dreamweaver,html,and little javascript in the (american universal college 2008)and looking forward to know much more:)
    Just want to keep in touch with you,read the books and practice the examples im sure i will find things which i dont know yet about this software:)

    finally wish you success more and more and may God bless you,i appologize for my bad english :$
    NB:i am so proud to know such lebanese people who are working hard abroad,and to read books they wrote :) good luck Mr. Chafik!

    Dolly Harb

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