MAXUP Looks Great! MAX Just Got Better

I always thought MAX was a great conference, but this year thanks to MAXUP it has gotten even better. The thing that I always found not enough of at MAX was the community, and MAXUP brings just that. With 38 confirmed speakers, and a ton of interesting sessions, make sure you don’t miss it. It’s going to be tough scheduling between MAXUP and MAX, but I’ll have to find a way.
Along with my session at MAX which I will be giving twice, I also will be giving two mini-sessions (I say mini cause most MAXUP sessions are 15 minutes) on developing Application Components and Missions Critical Application Architecture.

Programming Flex 2 Rough Cuts Available and Flex/Flash have taken over O’Reilly

This week O’Reilly started publishing early copies of the book I’ve been working on with Joey titled Programming Flex 2 on their Safari Online service as a Rough Cuts edition. Rough Cuts is a method of getting early access to chapters before they have reached their final form, sort of like Adobe Labs. The great thing is this allows readers to get access to the book early on, get access to chapters as they are ready, and provide feedback on the book before it goes to print (The posted chapters have already been tech edited and are close to final form, but if you find any issues or have any comments please do send them in). You also have the option of ordering online access and a copy of the book once it is published.

Also fun, if you visit the O’Reilly homepage today, you will find my book as well as the ActionScript 3.0 Cookbook in prime location.

Oreilly Adobe Homepage

If you look closely, you’ll also find Essential ActionScript 3.0 rough cuts by Colin Moock listed on the homepage as well. I think its great to see O’Reilly putting so much into the Flex/Flash platform, we’ve taken over the O’Reilly homepage!

Speaking at MAX on Flex and .NET Interoperability

Next week MAX will be held in Vegas and will be under the Adobe name for the first time. I’ll be there and will be speaking as well on Flex and .NET Interoperability. I’m looking forward to be giving this session as I believe there is a lot to be said about Flex and .NET, and there doesn’t seem to be enough resources on the topic. Actually I’m always amazed at how little the .NET development community knows about Flex/Flash. On my team, we have had great success with .NET as our back-end system and Flex as our rich client technology, and am a strong believer that they are very complimentary platforms.

In the session I plan to cover

  • Different communication mechanisms (AMF/Flash Remoting, XML, Sockets)
  • Debugging
  • Tips from experience

If you missed this session when you initially setup your schedule that is because there was a change only a few weeks ago on the session topic, but it should be available now in the MAX scheduling system. If you are attending MAX, make sure to say hello. I always enjoy meeting fellow developers. If you aren’t attending MAX, I don’t think it is too late to show up :)