Shared Libraries

I’ve been working on a project that uses Shared Libraries a lot. I realized something that I’m not sure is very apparent. Version 6,0,65 of the Flash Player included a bunch of fixes/additions to implementing Shared Libraries. If you are using shared libraries make sure to test on different players as you are likely using some of the abilities that were fixed/added in that release.
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Unzip a file in CFMX with

The question of unzipping a file came up on the forums again. I’ve always replied that they can use CFX_Zip in CF5 and the package in CFMX. Never having had to actually use this myself in a ColdFusion application, I never relalized that is not all that straightforward.

After some research and one server crash, I put together this UDF.

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Thread Hijacking

Ran into a few instances of Thread Hijacking today. Not sure if the term is clear–what I mean is if one person posts a question in a forum starting a new thread and then another person posts a new question as a response in the same thread. Is anyone else bothered by this or is it just me?

We end up with two different questions in the same thread and two different conversations intermingled. Intermingling is nice in the real world–especially for those of us computer geeks held up in basement offices that look more like NASA than my real NASA office–but for forum threads, intermingling is bad.

It’d be easier to get answers to your question is you post it as a new question as opposed to a response to an existing question. It’s more curteous to the original poster and to everyone participating.

DRK4 Released

DRK4 was released today and it has some nice Flash and ColdFusion content. The graphics library is very well done and the Polling application is a great example of combining Flash, ColdFusion, and Dreamweaver.

DRK4 also includes updated charting components, which are a major improvement over the original components. However, If you will be using charting in your applications I’d suggest taking a look at B-Line Charting Components which includes many more charts and are in constant development to add new features, like animations and native XML support. Read more.
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