onAir Bus Tour Presentation Material: AIR Windowing API

Being on the bus last week was a blast. We covered 4 cities in 5 days and even CNet picked it up (although they must not have realized not all the bus riders work for Adobe J). In my session I covered the NativeWindow class and related APIs as well as the Window Flex AIR component. This also includes creating a custom chrome and communicating between windows. I have posted my session material on the onAir google code repository in the SVN repository under /trunk/projects/presentations/AIR Windowing API. Thank for everyone who came out!

Links to some of the other great speakers that were on the bus last week

Riding on the onAir bus this week

I just got on the Adobe onAir bus tour in DC yesterday and will be on board through Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Boston. On the bus tour I’m presenting on AIR’s windowing capabilities including coverage of NativeWindow, its related API, and the AIR Window Flex component. This should give attendees a good start on how to work with windows with Adobe AIR.

onair bus 2007 logo

I’ll blog some more sometime this week. If you are attending any of the events make sure to say hello!

Speaking at MAX 2007, Building software people use with Flash and Flex

I’ll be speaking at this year’s MAX conference, but this year is a little different. Adobe this year has introduced a new track called the “inspire” track and I will be speaking on the “Building software people use with Flash and Flex”. A session that will highlight our experience over the past years of developing software products and how Flash and more recently Flex has helped our products. In the session I will showcase some of our work, talk about the process behind them, and touch upon some of the technical details.

Here’s the official session description:

One of the biggest challenges in software is user adoption. Building software in some ways is easy, actually developing software people use is a challenge. In this session Chafic will review the history of Atellis products where Flash and Flex played a key part in driving user adoption, including SimCenter, a product responsible for testing 25% of medical students in the nation, and SimCube a product just launched that is already revolutionizing student learning.

There’s also something else about this year’s MAX that has me excited more than usual. MAX has always been a great event, but typically it didn’t have a large presense from the community. Often community members didn’t even attend MAX or see a reason to. This year is different. With Ted (and I’m sure the help of others who I don’t know about inside Adobe), this year’s event showcases the community better than ever before. If you are attending I would also recommend you take a look at the sessions from Grant, Erik, Aral, and John.

Finally, if you haven’t registered, now is probably a good time. Early registeration ends on the 10th: register here