Off to FlashForward

I’m getting all packed up to head to FlashForward NY 2005 this week. The event is looking great this year. They seem to have made some adjustments, and their speaker lineup looks great too. It also helps that it’s in NY, one of my favorite cities. I’ll be giving a session on “Mission Critical Application Architecture and Flash” where I will spend half the time discussing my approach and thoughts and the rest fielding questions on RIA Application Architecture.

IÂ’ve also got some exciting personal news to share this week at the conference that I will post here too once itÂ’s time. Looking forward to meeting up with everyone, if you are there make sure to say hello!

A review of FDT, the Commercial Flash Eclipse Plugin

I had the chance to spend a bit of time playing with FDT this weekend, a commercial Eclipse plugin in development and wanted to share some thoughts.

IÂ’ve been an avid PrimalScript user for a while now, I wonÂ’t get into PrimalScript vs FDT discussion now as FDT is still in beta and so is PrimalScript 4.x. I also donÂ’t want to get into open-source vs commercial products. I am a firm believer that if a tool meets my needs and speeds up my workflow then the cost is usually negligible. At the end of the day it will always depend on your workflow/needs.
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