Flexmaniacs session materials: Component Development In The Flex World

Held last week and fully sold out, Flexmaniacs was the Flex conference to attend. It was great to have a conference in DC for a change (my home town). Even better, they have already announced next year’s conference in April.

Here’s the description of the session I gave titled Component Development In The Flex World

Flex is an ideal Flash® application development platform that takes great advantage of built-in and custom-made components. For this reason, developing a good understanding of Flex components will help you build better applications faster, with fewer bugs. In this session, Chafic will detail the internals of how components are structured beginning with the basics, walking through the process of building a first component and providing details about the different development options. Attendees will gain insight into what makes up a component as a basis to extend existing components or develop their own.

Download session material

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