Forced page breaks in Word documents and standard HTML pages

A few people have asked how to foce a page break inside a Word document when generating it through HTML/XML/CSS as I described in an earlier post. You can force page breaks by using a <br> tag with a page-break-before style setting, as in the following code.

Page One

Page Two

This particular CSS property is actually not MS Word specific and works in standard HTML pages with modern browsers including Internet Explorer 6 and Netscape 7.0. It’s safely ignored by Netscape 4.7. When used in a standard HTML page displayed in a browser, the display appears like a normal break on screen but foces a new page when printed.

DRK 1-4 Flash MX components to be upgraded for FREE

There’s been a little discontent about the Flash content in DRK 5 on some mailing lists. If people paid for DRK 1-4 then they already have the components in DRK 5, they just don’t work with Flash MX 2004. The question is why should people pay again for components they already own?

As it turns out, all the components in DKR 5 that are upgrades of earlier components (everything except the new TabBar), will be made available for free from Macromedia to DRK 1-4 customers.
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Alternate transports for web-services

SOAP Web Services are almost always talked about in relation to HTTP, as HTTP is the most common transport mechanism. However, the SOAP specification is written such that the messages can be sent over a variety of protocols. Persistent connections such as Jabber or HTTP-R could provide improved performance when multiple calls are required.

Or, if you have other needs, carrier pigeons are also fully supported. Read the RFC.

Flash dot release on the way and some other info

I found some interesting information in the Breeze Presentation released today by Macromedia. This Breeze Presentation covers their financial information for the quareter but has some little things in there that some might find interesting.

  • There will be an update to Flash MX 2004 in November. I have no idea what they will be doing but i’m assuming this will be targetting many of the issues that people have expressed about the release.
  • Royale will be showcased at MAX and will be released early next year.
  • Macromedia’s server products are selling better than expected.
  • Macromedia’s 2004 product family did not sell as well as expected.
  • Macromedia will be purchasing eHelp. eHelp has great products and i’m sure this will be a good addition to Macromedia’ products.
  • Overall it was a good quarter for Macromedia!