Riding on the onAir bus this week

I just got on the Adobe onAir bus tour in DC yesterday and will be on board through Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Boston. On the bus tour I’m presenting on AIR’s windowing capabilities including coverage of NativeWindow, its related API, and the AIR Window Flex component. This should give attendees a good start on how to work with windows with Adobe AIR.

onair bus 2007 logo

I’ll blog some more sometime this week. If you are attending any of the events make sure to say hello!

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5 thoughts on “Riding on the onAir bus this week

  1. Hi Chafic,

    Was at your windowing API talk in DC on Monday. Was very informative! Hope all your other presentations go as good!


  2. Chafic,

    I also saw your windowing talk in DC – nicely done! The one suggestion I might have is (because I am currently struggling with this myself), is how to drag and drop between (native) windows. There seem to be a few differences than standard Flex. Any immediate suggestions you might have might also be appreciated!


  3. Would you be able to share your code that you presented in DC. I seem to understand when I’m watching the presentation and then I forget it once I try it. Thanks.

  4. Hey Dusty,

    I just got access to the onAir google code repository today. I will be posting all the materials tomorrow! Thanks for attending the event

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