Mission Critical Application Architecture and Flash

I’ve been a bit late posting my slide notes, I had to clean some of it up and remove some content that my company wanted to keep out.

I had a lot of fun giving this presentation as it was the first time where I got to showcase what I work on day to day. The people who attended seemed to really enjoy it too which was good.

In the presentation I go through

  • Overview of Mission-Critical Applications
  • Why Flash, am I crazy?
  • Introduction to Clinical Skills (Mission Critical Product)
  • Quick demo of the System
  • Problems we needed to solve
  • Introduction to a state based architecture
  • When to use a state based architecture
  • Brief Back-end implementation overview
  • Flash state loader framework overview
  • What happens in real-time
  • Benefits

I want to thank Sean and his crew for holding yet again an excellent event and letting me speak about an obscure subject. Fitc seems to keep getting better very year, Danny summed up my thoughts very well so I won’t repeat.

Download Slide Notes

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