Moock’s Bootcamp, if you can make it go!

Just in case anyone missed it, Colin will be giving a two day bootcamp taking someone from ground zero with little coding experience all the way to ActionScript 2.0 and Object Oriented Programming. Depending on your experience, be it a designer with little formal teaching or you are looking to learn ActionScript 2.0 and Object Oriented Programming/Design Patterns I highly recommend you check it out. Colin is an excellent writer and presenter

Session 1: Beginner’s Introduction to ActionScript (Great if you are starting out)
Session 2: Introduction to Object-oriented Programming (Get a good handle on OOP)
Session 3: Introduction to Design Patterns (Take your OOP knowledge to the next level)

Lost Angeles ca, may 16-17 (already over)
session 1 & 2 (Good for starting from ground zero)

Rochester ny, may 31-june 1
session 2 & 3 (Good if you have some programming experience but want to take it to the next level)

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