FlashTray Tools Released

I originally wrote this simple application because a friend wanted a convenient way to delete ASO files and I was looking to learn how a system tray icon application can be built with .Net. After getting the initial version, I added a few more options and have been personally using it ever since.

Currently it can:

  • Delete ASO file
  • Open personal configuration folder
  • Open personal classes folder
  • Open PrimalScript if installed
  • Open Flash MX 2004
  • Search Flashcoders
  • Search Flashcoders Wiki
  • Search Google
  • Search macromedia

To install, copy the exe file to your startup folder. That way it will always run on startup. If you find any bugs or have feature requests feel free to let me know. I’m not sure how much more I will develop this small tools at this point, or if people will even find this useful, but I do have some ideas that I would like to add if I have the time.

(Current Version .2)
Download: here
Requires: .Net 1.1 runtime

MTCodeBeautifier for ColdFusion

When putting together the blog and choosing which plugins to install–Chafic and I have very different views, I want everything since they’re nice to have, and Chafic wants to keep it down since it’s his server–I really longed for color coding ColdFusion code. This entry on Mike’s blog first introduced me to MTCodeBeautifier, from Sean Voisen. The resulting ActionScript looked great and my ColdFusion posts were boring by comparison.
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