EditPlus Client ActionScript & FCS setup files

I’ve been using EditPlus as my editor for a while now. Over that time i’ve built up some syntax files/ClipText/Auto-Complete files for both ActionScript and Flash Communication Server ActionScript for my personal use. I’ve been asked for these files before and thought I would just post it here for others that might find them useful.

They support
- All ActionScript/FCS functions/methods/etc
- Auto-Complete (As much as EditPlus will support)
- ClipText files for easy lookup of functions
- FlashDoc auto-complete for easy documentation
- More customizable syntax highlighting

They have really helped me and I hope others will find them useful.

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10 thoughts on “EditPlus Client ActionScript & FCS setup files

  1. hi!

    its not working with my editplus. neither auto complete.

    my version 2.11

  2. I posted an update to the zip file. If the previous files did not work for you then you can re-download this file. The only thing that has changes is the installation instructions.

  3. Thanks, this is awesome!

    The Flash editor works like garbage in Vista, so this makes life much better when editing in EditPlus.

  4. This is awesome! I’m finally making the move to .as files, but was reluctant because I didn’t want to shop for a new editor that would support them (I tried a bunch before settling on EditPlus). You rock!

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