Handling file uploads without CFFILE

Many of us don’t have the luxury of dedicated servers and have to live with a shared host. Since hosts often limit some CF tags for security reasons, this appears to limit what we can do in CF. This question has come up a number of times in the forums so I put together an example of how to handle file uploads without CFFILE.

The following code block displays a very short form that allows a user to uploda a file. Once the file is uploaded it reads it in line by line and calls a function on each line. While all I do is output the file line by line to the client, the function could just as easily parse out the line and insert to a database.

      s = "";
      cls = s.getClass();

      stringClass = cls.forName("java.lang.String");

      fileReaderClass = cls.forName("java.io.FileReader");

      a = arrayNew(1);
      a[1] = stringClass;

      fileReaderConst = fileReaderClass.getConstructor(a);

      a[1] = form.upFile;

      fileReader = fileReaderConst.newInstance(a);

      readerClass = cls.forName("java.io.Reader");
      a[1] = readerClass;

      bufferedReaderClass = cls.forName("java.io.BufferedReader");
      bufferedReaderConst = bufferedReaderClass.getConstructor(a);

      a[1] = fileReader;
      bufferedReader = bufferedReaderConst.newInstance(a);

      try {
         do {
            s = bufferedReader.readLine();
         } while (true);
      } catch (coldfusion.runtime.UndefinedVariableException e) {
         // this indicates end of file, ok to ignore error


If you’re interested in following the webforums thread you can view it here.

Of course this is CFMX only since it takes advantage of the fact that CFML compiles down to Java. I originally picked the technique up from Matt Liotta’s post on the CFCDev mailing list.

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