Charting feature brainstorm

Now that our component set is done and released we’re starting to look at our enhancement list and coming up with ideas for the next version. We’ll probably have a maintenance release to add a few options and maybe a chart or two.

We’d love to hear your requests so feel free to post comments here or send me e-mail directly. document.write(““); document.write(“sam”); document.write(“@”); document.write(“blinex”); document.write(“.com“);

If you’re not familiar with our charts, please check them out.

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10 thoughts on “Charting feature brainstorm

  1. How about a little 3D perspective on the graphs? :)

    Also, globfx has some neat effects they add to theirs…just a basic animation when the graph is first presented. While I’m not big on that kinda of stuff normally..theirs is pretty slick…

  2. Yes, globfx does have some really kewl effects. I had a good time going through their demos, especially the curved area charts that start straight and twean into the curve.

  3. Hey Sam, I remember seeing some 3D examples you’d done with swift 3D,I suppose…

    As per some info visualization rules, it is not advisable to use 3D on graphs, especially the perspective ones that MS loves. It makes it very difficult to get accurate information from such graphs…

    Clients love it though :(

  4. Yeah Nav,

    I have to agree with you. I’m not sure when I would personally use a 3D graph. I guess it is a good visual representation but for sure not one that you would accuratly measure data on. There is a lot of marketing material done in Flash and my guess is that 3D would be useful there.

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