Book Review: Design Patterns Explained

“Design Patterns Explained” is my first book review entry. So where do I start..

I’ve been reading a lot of books lately about application development/architecture and of course design patterns has been a large part of that. I found Design Patterns Explained to be an excellent book for anyone who has a good understanding of OOP and is looking to improve their understanding and would like to know what design patterns are all about. This book is not a substitute for the GoF book but is a very good compliment. The authors have done an excellent job at writing an approachable book about a subject that is not easy to explain. The book makes a lot of reference to the GoF book which I found useful. While reading the book I found myself better understanding the GoF book’s text and plan to re-read the GoF book soon.

All sample code in the book is provided in Java and C++. I found the Java code very easy to follow (I didnÂ’t actually read through the C++ code). The book also contains a lot discussion on real-world projects that the authors worked on. I found the discussion very insightful and has helped me model an application I am currently working on and in improving my thinking of how to approach some problems.

In short I would recommend this book to anyone who has done some OOP and has read some book about the subject or to anyone who is interested in design patterns and plans to read or have read the GoF book.

So there is my first book review. I plan to periodically post other book reviews and hope people find them useful.

My Own Rating System: 5/5 Stars :)

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