Flex Goes Open Source (MPL)

This is a big deal, and it is likely going to hit the blogs all day. Adobe has officially announced that most of the Flex SDK is going open source using the Mozilla Public License.

What is being open sourced:

  • MXML Compiler
  • AS3 Compiler
  • Flex Command Line Debugger
  • View Source Utilities
  • Web Tier Compiler Modules
  • Automated Testing

This is awesome news. With Flex going open source Adobe is displaying how serious they are about capturing the RIA space and how strongly they believe in the community. The future looks bright for the Flash platform!


Other posts (Thanks Ryan for the links):

Flex and .NET Interoperability Session Slides & Code From MAX 2006

Finally getting around to posting my notes from my session on communicating with .NET web application from Flex that I gave at Adobe’s MAX in Las Vegas this year. I enjoyed giving this session as I truly believe Flex and .NET work well together and there are many methods for communication between both technologies, but currently there aren’t’ many resources covering it. In this session I talk mainly about 3 methods. Using HTTPServer/xml, WebServices, and AMF, as well as briefly touch upon Binary Sockets. I’m hoping in the future to have more detailed cover on each method.

You can download the slides and source code from here

Component Development In The Flex World Session Notes and Source

Just finished cleaning up my session notes for my session at FlashForward Austin on Component Development In The Flex World. I had a lot of fun giving this session, as many know I have a big interest in component based development and component development, and Flex has a solid platform for both. There are two main concepts that are important to walk away with. The concept of developing Application Component to help promote Component Based Development and developing Custom Components. Both are explained in the slides and an example component is provided for each.

Download Presentation

FlashForward Austin 2006 next week, will be presenting on Component Development in the Flex World

Next week FlashForward will be held in Austin, TX and I’ll be there giving a session on Component Development in the Flex World on Tuesday, September 12, 2006 3:00-4:15 in Salons D/E.

The FlashForward crew have been working hard with every event to grow, making great changes, and listening to suggestions. One thing that I’m especially looking forward to (other than visiting Austin for the first time and hanging out with friends) is that the length of the sessions have been extended by 15 minutes. I know in the past I’ve found it difficult to finish on time when trying to dig into more details on a topic. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one that asked for this and am looking forward to seeing how it works out.

My session will be an introductory session on developing components in Flex. I will cover when you might want to build an MXML vs Pure ActionScript component, setting up the structure of a component, implementing styles, events, databinding, and packaging a component. There’s no way I could cover everything about components even with the extra 15 minutes but this session should help Flash and Flex Developers get a good understanding of component development in the Flex world.

One thing to note, this session won’t be focused purely on advanced component development like previous sessions that I have given. I will also touch upon Component Based Development principals, as Flex Framework and MXML are an ideal platform for such a development process which has many benefits to UI programming.

See you all in Austin, and if you will be there pass by and say hi!