FlashForward Austin 2006 next week, will be presenting on Component Development in the Flex World

Next week FlashForward will be held in Austin, TX and I’ll be there giving a session on Component Development in the Flex World on Tuesday, September 12, 2006 3:00-4:15 in Salons D/E.

The FlashForward crew have been working hard with every event to grow, making great changes, and listening to suggestions. One thing that I’m especially looking forward to (other than visiting Austin for the first time and hanging out with friends) is that the length of the sessions have been extended by 15 minutes. I know in the past I’ve found it difficult to finish on time when trying to dig into more details on a topic. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one that asked for this and am looking forward to seeing how it works out.

My session will be an introductory session on developing components in Flex. I will cover when you might want to build an MXML vs Pure ActionScript component, setting up the structure of a component, implementing styles, events, databinding, and packaging a component. There’s no way I could cover everything about components even with the extra 15 minutes but this session should help Flash and Flex Developers get a good understanding of component development in the Flex world.

One thing to note, this session won’t be focused purely on advanced component development like previous sessions that I have given. I will also touch upon Component Based Development principals, as Flex Framework and MXML are an ideal platform for such a development process which has many benefits to UI programming.

See you all in Austin, and if you will be there pass by and say hi!

9 thoughts on “FlashForward Austin 2006 next week, will be presenting on Component Development in the Flex World

  1. Hi. Thanks for the great presentation yesterday. You are right – it wasn’t
    enough time. The processes you described were easy enough to follow;
    the main problem I had with keeping up was that I haven’t had enough
    time to become familiar with AS3. Soon. You’ve saved me a lot of time.
    I’d like to ask a question or two. Is email the best place for this?
    Thanks again.

  2. I really liked your session (I am the annoying guy with the 2 questions ;) ). I am glad you set the difficulty a little higher since Flash Forward seems to not address the segment of hard-core developers at all. I dont have any questions yet but I am sure I will have soon. How do I ping you for your two cents (I wont waste too much of your time I promise :D ).

  3. Great session Chaffic. I look forward to checking out the notes. You mentioned that it’s your personal preference to do complete actionscript only projects. Have you thought about using MXML for just the view state? Move the of the flex work I’ve been doing seems to take that approach. Works for me at least :) Cheers.

  4. Thanks Justin. I must have communicated something improperly. I use MXML a lot, I just find that for Custom Components I prefer Actionscript. For Views/Application Components/Flex Applications in general, I almost always prefer MXML. I’ll check my session notes and make sure that bullet point is clear, it was on the slide of notes about building custom components and the fact that you can do it with MXML or Actionscript but I do prefer using Actionscript when building Custom Components


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