Ben Stucki Joins The Atellis Team

I don’t usually announce when team members join our team, but I thought I would this time as many of you already know him. I met Ben two months ago and was excited to find someone who shared the same vision for Flash and the product development process. Ben is an expert Flex and .Net developer, which is a perfect fit on our team, and shares the same passion for the Flash community that I do. He will be working closely with Sam and I in contributing to our existing products as well as helping shape new products we are working on.

In the near future you’ll find us at FITC where we will be speaking.

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7 thoughts on “Ben Stucki Joins The Atellis Team

  1. Congrats to you both! I’ve been playing with Bens ID3 reader component to pull pic frames out of mp3′s – really nice. :)

    So when is the Atellis site going up? :)

    And when does the book start shipping?

    All the best!

  2. Thanks guys..

    Robert, the book is scheduled for to hit the book stores at the end of the year… The Atellis site, well as soon as we get some key projects out of the way it will get done.. Planning for October :)

  3. That’s funny. Yesterday I downloaded the Visualization Component and was blown away by it’s performance. I thought, “Here is a person Atellis ought to hire.” Congratulations.

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