In San Francisco for Adobe’s Engage Event

I’m in San Francisco for the week and will be one of the presenters at the Engage event. Engage is a one day event being held Tuesday the 27th, where Adobe is getting together some of their best customers who are developing products with their tools alongside some of the software industry experts. You might have caught some hints about it on Ryan Stewart’s, Robert Scoble’s, Michael Arrington’s blogs.

At the event I will be discussing SimCube™, our latest product that is an all in one solution for capturing, debriefing, and assessing medical students. Here’s what our marketing folks have to say

SimCubeâ„¢, an affordable, portable, and easy to use solution for capturing simulation encounters. SimCubeâ„¢ records multiple feeds digitally, handles video annotation and debriefing, integrates with multiple types of medical simulators and builds participant portfolios. SimCubeâ„¢ also manages users, provides tools for scenario and checklist creation and generates multiple types of reports.

The cool thing about this product is that the entire UI is built with Flex 2 and is 100% cross platform. Here’s a screen shot where a user can play back a captured session with multiple videos in sync alongside the medical simulator vital signs as well as add annotations to the video.

SimCube debrief

I’m looking forward to this event, as it’s not often that I get to talk with other companies who are developing products with Flex/Flash. It will also be a good chance to talk with some of the industry experts and find out what their take is on SimCubeâ„¢, and to discuss some of our future plans at Atellis. I will try to report back on the event here as well.

Speaking at MAX on Flex and .NET Interoperability

Next week MAX will be held in Vegas and will be under the Adobe name for the first time. I’ll be there and will be speaking as well on Flex and .NET Interoperability. I’m looking forward to be giving this session as I believe there is a lot to be said about Flex and .NET, and there doesn’t seem to be enough resources on the topic. Actually I’m always amazed at how little the .NET development community knows about Flex/Flash. On my team, we have had great success with .NET as our back-end system and Flex as our rich client technology, and am a strong believer that they are very complimentary platforms.

In the session I plan to cover

  • Different communication mechanisms (AMF/Flash Remoting, XML, Sockets)
  • Debugging
  • Tips from experience

If you missed this session when you initially setup your schedule that is because there was a change only a few weeks ago on the session topic, but it should be available now in the MAX scheduling system. If you are attending MAX, make sure to say hello. I always enjoy meeting fellow developers. If you aren’t attending MAX, I don’t think it is too late to show up :)

FITC Next Week – Giving a Full Day Workshop and Sessions, a Special Discount Too

FITC is always an amazingly fun and energetic conference and next week it will be held in Hollywood for the first time. I’ll be at there next week giving a full day workshop, a mini-workshop, and a session with Ben.

Stuff I’ll be presenting

  • Flex 2 full day workshop: A full day workshop introducing Flex 2 with discussion of MXML, Actionscript 3, Components, Layout, and the basics needed to build your first application. (more details)
  • Mini-Workshop on Flex 2: A short workshop introducing Flex 2, the bigger picture, and a solid introduction (more details).
  • Flash and Flex can hold hands: A session I am giving with Ben on how Flash and Flex can work together. Our goal with this session is to show how Flex can be your friend, and in some cases how Flex can improve the workflow for existing Flash work. (more details).

See everyone there. If you’re still considering going, you can get a 10% discount off the price of a ticket by entering “Chafic55″ during the signup process!

FlashForward Austin 2006 next week, will be presenting on Component Development in the Flex World

Next week FlashForward will be held in Austin, TX and I’ll be there giving a session on Component Development in the Flex World on Tuesday, September 12, 2006 3:00-4:15 in Salons D/E.

The FlashForward crew have been working hard with every event to grow, making great changes, and listening to suggestions. One thing that I’m especially looking forward to (other than visiting Austin for the first time and hanging out with friends) is that the length of the sessions have been extended by 15 minutes. I know in the past I’ve found it difficult to finish on time when trying to dig into more details on a topic. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one that asked for this and am looking forward to seeing how it works out.

My session will be an introductory session on developing components in Flex. I will cover when you might want to build an MXML vs Pure ActionScript component, setting up the structure of a component, implementing styles, events, databinding, and packaging a component. There’s no way I could cover everything about components even with the extra 15 minutes but this session should help Flash and Flex Developers get a good understanding of component development in the Flex world.

One thing to note, this session won’t be focused purely on advanced component development like previous sessions that I have given. I will also touch upon Component Based Development principals, as Flex Framework and MXML are an ideal platform for such a development process which has many benefits to UI programming.

See you all in Austin, and if you will be there pass by and say hi!