Speaking at MAX on Flex and .NET Interoperability

Next week MAX will be held in Vegas and will be under the Adobe name for the first time. I’ll be there and will be speaking as well on Flex and .NET Interoperability. I’m looking forward to be giving this session as I believe there is a lot to be said about Flex and .NET, and there doesn’t seem to be enough resources on the topic. Actually I’m always amazed at how little the .NET development community knows about Flex/Flash. On my team, we have had great success with .NET as our back-end system and Flex as our rich client technology, and am a strong believer that they are very complimentary platforms.

In the session I plan to cover

  • Different communication mechanisms (AMF/Flash Remoting, XML, Sockets)
  • Debugging
  • Tips from experience

If you missed this session when you initially setup your schedule that is because there was a change only a few weeks ago on the session topic, but it should be available now in the MAX scheduling system. If you are attending MAX, make sure to say hello. I always enjoy meeting fellow developers. If you aren’t attending MAX, I don’t think it is too late to show up :)

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13 thoughts on “Speaking at MAX on Flex and .NET Interoperability

  1. Will: I would have loved to cover that sort of integration, but for this session I’ll be focusing on Client Server communication. I have given session dedicated just on the topic of integrating Flash and .Net on the desktop in the past, maybe I’ll update that sometime for Flex. In case you would like to take a look at the session I have given in the past, you can find the source here http://rewindlife.com/2005/03/04/flash-and-net-integration-on-the-desktop-presentation-notessource/

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  3. Belated Happy B’day … enjoyed your session at Max2006. When will the slides be available for download? There was a very short mention of one other AMF compatible protocol for Remoting with Flex besides WebORB, open source if I recall correctly … but less tested … I would appreciate it if you could send me the product name. Thanks.

  4. Eric: Thanks for adding the link and example! I’ve been meaning on preparing an example for this but haven’t gotten around to it.

    In my sessions I mentioned that by default you won’t be able to work with datasets and webservices, but you can either use strongly typed datasets (like your example does) or manually handle the conversion. In my session I showed only how to handle it manually as I didn’t have time to show both methods. I might have not stressed enough the strongly typed dataset method (I know I did a better job mentioning it in the Thursday session vs the Wednesday one), but this is definitely is one good approach. I personally don’t use it as I find having to keep creating all the strongly typed datasets can be more work, and in general when developing our apps, we don’t use datasets a lot outside of the data layer.

  5. Well, as for it being more work with strongly typed datasets, in my experience it’s twice as much work not to do them strongly typed.

    When developing later on you’ll get the intellisense and you’ll. never. make. typos. and. get. runtime. errors.

    I use it more like a custom object though, so it’s kinda spraed throughout the system.

  6. Hi Chafic,
    I understand that you met Mark Piller from Midnight Coders at the show and the two of you discussed WebORB, our platform enabling the Flex to .NET connection. We have just delivered our WebORB 3.0 release and you should take a look at it.

    If you have any questions or would like to give it a whirl, please get hold of me.

    We are looking forward to seeing you around our site soon.


  7. Hi Chafic, Hi Larry

    MAX is a little too far away from Switzerland however, the local .NET application capabilities of our Janus, connected to the Server capabilities of WebOrb might give a quite strong couple. I will definitely take a look at the possibilities.


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