Note to Self, scrollIt() in ScrollBar class can lead to infinite loop

IÂ’m posting this here in case anyone runs into a similar issue. In a recent application we built (All V2 based of course) we got a bug which turned out to be much harder to track down than initially anticipated.

Essentially what would happen is if a user clicked the up or down arrows on a scrollbar the player would stop executing any more code because of an infinite loop. After spending a lot of hours I tracked it down to an issue with the user clicking a ScrollBar’s up/down arrows which would in turn call the scrollIt() function inside of the ScrollBar class and somehow an infinite loop would occur (The ScrollBar in use was part of a ScrollPane). At first I tried to comment out the code inside of the scrollIt() function with no luck, then I tried just not calling scrollIt() which worked but didnÂ’t really help, I even tried re-writing some of the code of the ScrollBar class and also had no luck. At the end I ended up copying the scrollIt() functionÂ’s code into a new function called scrollIt2() and calling that instead when the user clicks up/down and that worked. Why it worked I have no idea, I spent a few more hours after fixing it trying to narrow it down and couldnÂ’t find any logical reason for the bug and had to move on.

I’ll go back and look at it one day when I have some more free time and isolate the issue.

Speaking at MAX! Integrating with Microsoft Office

I’ve been accepted to speak at MAX again this year. I’ll be giving an updated version of the presentation I gave last year and at CFUN-04, Integrating with Microsoft Office.

I’m accepting questions or comments on what changes should be made–are there whole topics that should be discussed that weren’t? Were there things that should be dropped?

Right now it looks like I’ll be dropping the Authomation slides and am hoping to add an example using Jakarta POI and also of client-side communication between Flash and Excel.

You can view a Breezo of last year’s presentation and download the slides and examples here.