FITC 2005 this weekend, presenting on “Mission Critical Applications and Flash”

This year’s FlashintheCan is shaping up really nicely. They have an excellent speaker lineup, everyone I know is going to be there, and I’m looking forward to giving my presentation on Mission Critical Application Architecture and Flash“. Early on Shawn from the organizing crew asked me if I would speak again this year and when presenting them with this topic they were open to the idea. Not many conferences are usually open to new/non-standard subject matter and I think that’s one of the great things about FITC. This session will be interesting to present as it will be the first time where I get to show some of the work that I do in public and go through the different parts (both Flash and Backend). The session format will be different than my other presentations as the code isn’t the core of the presentation but the overall picture is more important.

Session Description:
Flash has come a long way since its early days of being only an animation tool, but being used in mission-critical applications? In this session Chafic will detail his experience on developing a state-based application architecture for a mission-critical product in use at many University Hospitals. The session will include guidelines on when such an architecture is appropriate, real world insight into implementation complexities, and what recovery/redundancy mechanisms are possible.

The session dissects such an architecture in a real-life application that successfully implements a real-time examination system to automate multi-million dollar hardware, provide transparent fail-over and recovery, simplifies long-term maintenance, and is very scalable

I arrive in Toronto Thursday night and look forward to meeting up with everyone. If you’re going to be there make sure to say hi!

2 thoughts on “FITC 2005 this weekend, presenting on “Mission Critical Applications and Flash”

  1. Sounds great wish I could be there. Will you making the presentation live on your site afterwards?

  2. I most likely will post it here, but there is a chance I might have to omit some information from what I present at FITC as the presentation will include some information related to a product I work on, and that information might have to be taken out.

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