NeoSwiff Public Beta – C# to SWF Solution

This has been blogged by others, but since I also got a chance to play with this product early on and am a big fan of C# I thought I’d make a mention. NeoSwiff is a C# to SWF solution. Although there’s been press about Xamlon, NeoSwiff takes a different approach. I can’t really comment on which approach is better, I haven’t played much with Xamlon but NeoSwiff is pretty well thought out and is already pretty usable(The bytecode of generated by the NeoSwiff compiler looks to be very solid, haven’t looked at Xamlon).

Although GlobFX isn’t mainly targeting this at the Flash Community as it looks like they interested in providing an alternative for the .Net/C# developers, this is great news for the SWF platform as a whole and any Flash geek should give it a wirl.

4 thoughts on “NeoSwiff Public Beta – C# to SWF Solution

  1. Hi,

    Cool software. However, have u been able to have autocompletion?
    It’s not working for me. btw, i’m using the standalone version on WinXP.

    thanks :)

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