New PrimalScript Release: CFMX7, CSS, and Double-Extensions and more!

Sapien put out a nice update to their IDE, PrimalScript with a few big additions.

  • ColdFusion MX 7. The PrimalSense files have been updated with all of the new CFMX7 syntax.
  • CSS. PrimalScript now gives PrimalSense on CSS files–it lists a drop-down of all valid CSS property names (use the toolbar button or CTRL-Space).
  • Double-Extensions. This is generic for all server-side code, but is really geared towards CF developers as it’s primarily a CF pratice. PrimalScript now recognizes files that have two extensions and treats the file based on the type of the first extension, not the last. So if you want to protect your css files via CF but still want PrimalScript help while editing them, you can use a name like “site.css.cfm” and PrimalScript will recognize the “.css.cfm” double-extension and treate the file as a CSS file. This is espeically useful for Fusebox developers who use double-extensions for their controller files such as “fusebox.xml.cfm” and “circuit.xml.cfm”.

If you haven’t checked out PrimalScript for CFML and AS development, we’d strongly suggest trying it out.

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