Component Development Presentation Files – FITC 2004

Posting my material for my session at FlashintheCan, Flash MX 2004 Component Development Using the Version 2 Architecture. The session went really well, thanks to everyone who attended. From the feedback I received after the presentation, everyone seemed to have found it informative.

The presentation material includes the PowerPoint presentation file, and the simple sample component (StatusIcon) built during the session.

Download the presentation material

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12 thoughts on “Component Development Presentation Files – FITC 2004

  1. Hi,

    One thing that I cant seem to find a tutorial for:

    How do i program my component so after its ready when i drag it and drop it on any mc in the stage it will automatically set its parameter ‘Target’ to the instance name of the mc under it.

  2. Thx alot, i’ve figured out the solution:

    public function set _targetInstanceName(t:String):Void{
    __target=eval(t); //__target is private member of Object type
    public function get _targetInstanceName():Object{
    return __target;

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  4. Not really, i’ve tested it in many ways and it just wont work as a compiled clip. But i’m sure there is a workaround till MM comes up with the fix. :)

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