Flash Tray Tools .2 Released

I have made some minor changed to Flash Tray Tools. A lot of the requests received didn’t make it into this one. I’m hoping to add more features sometime next month. For now here are the additions

  • Added Flash Resource Manager Support, if you have not downloaded this already I highly recommend you do here
  • Fixed some minor issues with memory allocation
  • Added Components folder
  • Added initial configuration file
  • System wide shortcut added (default is ctrl+alt+L)
  • Added Context Menu Item Shortcuts

The installation process is a bit different than before. If you are upgrading delete the previous version and follow the instruction in the readme.txt

Download Flash Tray Tools

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16 thoughts on “Flash Tray Tools .2 Released

  1. Hi Chafic,

    Thanks for FlashTrayTools – very useful indeed.

    I’ve created an installer (84k) that automatically adds FlashTrayTools to the startup menu, and also adds an uninstaller and a link to this post to the start menu.

    The installer is here…


    The installer was created with NSIS from Nullsoft, and the installer script (should you want to build your own) is here…




  2. Thank you very much for this!
    The “Open Flash Resource Mananger” option is disabled, although I have it installed in my machine. Is there a way I can fix this?
    Also there might still be some memory issues. My computer hangs for about 10 seconds everytime I open FlashTrayTools (even the mouse gets frozen).
    Thanks a lot!

  3. HEMOglobina: Flash Tray Tools will look for Flash Resource Manager using the path provided in the configuration file. The configuration file is plain xml so if you need to change the path, you can edit it in any text editor and see if that helps.

  4. sorry, doesn’t work for me, when I click on the exe it gives me an application error with the text:

    “The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135). Click on OK to terminate the application.”

    (win xp home sp1, 256mb, ie6)

    any ideas?

  5. Is it possible that we control what items are visible an eventualy add items ourselves via the XML config file?

    Greetz Erik

  6. Erik: Yeah that is planned. I decided to post an interim release until I get enough time to add the real features. It will end up being an XML file or an actual preference panel!

  7. very handy :)
    really would be great to be able to config the paths though – i dont keep my classes/aso where they’re supposed to be lol!!!

  8. Hi!

    I have a small issue: I try to use the SciteFlash as an editor, so i have edited in FlashTrayTools.exe.config file:

    But this is not works. Where i made an error?

  9. Sorry, my previous post misses some text. Once again, i have edited the FlashTrayTools.exe.config file:

    <!– you can specify ‘primalscript’ or a full path to your own editor
    D:\Program Files\SciTEFlash\SciTEFlash.exe

    <add key="Editor" value="sciteflash"/>

    but this is not works: “Open sciteflash” manu items appears in app tray menu but clicking on this item dives no result.

    Where i made an error?

  10. Chafic: re my ‘failed to initialize’ error above, thanks for getting in touch, fixed now. If any one else is getting this error, you need to have the .Net runtimes installed. May be worth adding to readme that they are required.

    Flash-Ripper: the ‘you can specify…’ bit is a comment, you need to change the key below to something like:

    Nice tool btw, all we need now is to be able to run our own jsfl files from it and we’ll be cooking :)


  11. doh, it cut out my code above, lets just say you need to add the full path to you editor instead of just the name in the value=’…’ bit :)

  12. chafic,

    i’ve just installed your awesome awesome tool and had to log in here and say how much i’m loving it.

    thx a million


  13. To Adam: thank you a lot! I have corrected the parameters and now this cool tool is even cooler. And I really wonder how stupid i was )

    To Chafic: it seems to be useful to have an item “Edit config file” in the Flash Tray Tools Menu.

    I have posted a news in Russian about this useful app. Thank you again!

  14. Vince: This currently is not possible, in the next version I hope to have the ability to specify all the items. For now it is not very configurable.

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