360Flex Next Week, Speaking on Component Development

360Flex is next week in San Jose, and Ben and I will be there. I will be speaking on the topic of component development and component based development, two topics that I feel every Flex developer should know (My session is on Monday at 2:30pm in the component track). Ben will be presenting an introduction of how to work with binary data, both the fundimentals of binary data and how that is exposed in ActionScrpit 3 (His session is on Monday as well at 1:00pm). He also has some pretty cool demos he’s been working on to show you will want to check out if you are there.

My session will cover:

  • The theory behind component based development
  • Building an applicatoin component
  • Custom components
    • Building a StatusIcon component
    • Component lifecycle
    • Invalidation/validation model and why you need invalidation
    • Implementing the different validation methods

If you make it out to 360Flex make sure to say hello!

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4 thoughts on “360Flex Next Week, Speaking on Component Development

  1. Hi Elango,

    I will be posting the source files over the weekend. I’ve been on the road and need to clean up the slides before posting them.

    Thanks for attending!

  2. Hi Chafic,
    Are the slides already up? If so, could you tell us where?
    Thank you :)

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