BLDoc 1.0 Public Beta Available

This has been a long time coming, BLDoc 1.0 beta is now available to the public. It has gone through a long alpha period and thanks to excellent feedback from testers we are happy to make it available today.

BLDoc comes in two editions

1. Community Edition: This edition is free but limited to processing 5,000 lines of code (excluding blank lines and documentation comments) and includes a watermark. This edition provides open source, non-profit and personal projects access to BLDoc for free, and serves as an evaluation version for commercial users with large projects.

2. Professional Edition: This version contains no restrictions amount of code processed and doesn’t have a watermark. Additionally in the future this edition will feature an advanced GUI to allow easy customization of many of the capabilities BLDoc contains. Commercial users are not required to upgrade to the Professional Edition and only need to do so if they wish to document projects longer than 5,000 lines or output documentation without the watermark.


BLDoc is an ActionScript 2.0 source code documentation tool designed to require minimal commenting to produce complete documentation. BLDoc supports multiple output styles (including the ability to create your own), parsing of AS 2.0 source, MetaData tags, and JavaDoc style comments.

BLDoc works in a three stage process to allow for complete customization of the
final output. The first stage is parsing, the BLDoc .NET applications reads in the source code for an application and parses out all relevant information for documentation purposes. This applictaion produces a comprehensive and easy-to-transform XML file.

Then BLDoc processes a series of customizable commands to run many XSLT transformations on the intermediate file. Even during XSLT transformation BLDoc provides a .NET extension object to allow for advanced functionality not normally present in XSLT.

Finally, BLDoc supports several post-process commands including copying of static and source files as well as insertion of entire generated files into other generated files.

You can find out more information and download BLDoc here.

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