What Open Source Flash (AS2) projects are there?

We’d like to take a survey to see what open-source Flash projects exist. Can people involved in open-source projects post a comment here or e-mail us? Information we need is the URL, whether it has anonymous (read-only) CVS access, approximately how large the project is (number of lines) and approximately how many different packages it contains.

We want to make sure open-source projects can take advantage of BLDoc to meet their documentation needs.

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3 thoughts on “What Open Source Flash (AS2) projects are there?

  1. Im envolved in the Remote Query Browser, under SourceForge.
    I didnt release any as2 Class document cause it stills too much cahotic to post anything.
    It haves, I guess, 15 class in 6 packages, plus one more to Justin AS2 remote class. The class with most lines haves around of 600 lines.



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