New PrimalScript update available

We won’t be posting this often, but since it’s the first update since the release of PrimalScript 3.1 I thought I would mention it. Sapien has released an update to PrimalScript that addresses some issues. You can find full details of what has changed here. In the future you can check if you are running the latest version of PrimalScript by select HELP > Check For Updates from within PrimalScript. Sapien released updates regularly so it’s good to get accustomed to checking for updates once in a while.

PrimalScript doesn’t have automatic update notifications so if you want to be notified of updates you can do this with some browsers. I added a bookmark to the change log and told FireFox to notify me when it changes. Instant update notifications.

When updating an existing installation, you only need to select the “Repair” option during setup. The installer will automatically update your existing installation.

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