WordPress Migration Complete

Finally got all the important things complete for the migration from Movable Type to WordPress. Setting things up was quite easy and so far I’m liking the new system a lot. The most time consuming part was ensuring the old urls mapped properly to the new blog system. If anyone finds anything broken please let me know. Also.

I haven’t customized the look/feel yet. That will come next, along with more frequent posts!

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8 thoughts on “WordPress Migration Complete

  1. Hi!

    How are you finding hosting on WordPress? I’m in the process of deciding whether to use blogger, wordpress or Raymond Camden’s blog cfc. Like you, I have blog entries about CF and Flex. My biggest concern with WordPress and Blogger is that there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to display code. Have you found a way around it?

    Your advise will be much appreciated.



  2. I am liking wordpress a lot. I haven’t had a chance to customize much yet. I did make sure all data was migrated and the links from the old blog to the new one worked out. I’ve been busy working on the book and with work but the next thing I will be looking into is customizing the look. There are a lot of themes out there for wordpress, but when I started my blog I always felt good about having a custom design so I’d like to do the same. After that I will be taking a look at what plug-ins are available for code-formatting. I had to install a few plug-ins during the migration and found it to be real easy.

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