Announcing Atellis my new company, and no longer at B-Line Express

I’ve been busy for the past few months as a few close friends know setting up a new company called Atellis with my partner Lucas Huang. I haven’t been at B-Line Express for months now but held off on blogging it until everything was officially in place.

So what am I working on? Atellis’s main focus will be product development incidentally using RIA technologies. The plan is to focus most of our efforts on product development and the other on high-end consulting. I’m very excited about it all!

As part of the setup, the new company will be in charge of one of the products I helped build while at B-Line Express for assessing medical students which some might have seen me present about at conferences. I really enjoy working on this product and will continue to enhance, support and sell the product under the new company. Unfortunately I will no longer be involved in BLDoc or the Charting Components and actually haven’t been for a few months.

We are starting up with 9 people and already have a good list of clients from our core product. Now that I have gotten things setup, look for more active blogging too. Lot’s of stuff is happening with Macromedia and I’m looking forward to continue sharing with the community

Visit Atellis (still nothing there, but hopefully in not too long)
Visit B-Line Medical (This is the division of Atellis that will handle the existing product and products focused on the medical industry)

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