Limit Line support added to B-Line Charting Components 3.0

We just released an updated to B-Line Charting Components 3.0 with added support for limit lines, enhanced Flash Player 6 support, and enhanced version readability.

The limit line support is something that’s often requested and can be used in many scenarios. This functionality allows adding any number of horizontal or vertical lines perpendicular to any axis at a specified value point. Each line has a label which can be placed in one of 22 possible positions. Also each line is individually stylable and the label can be left as the associated value or customized. Here are four charts with limit lines.

We’ve also greatly improved Flash Player 6 compatibility by including an entire second set of components specifically optimized for Flash Player 6. Additionally, all charts now show the version number and target player in their live preview.

All customers can download the latest updates by logging in at For more information and to purchase the components visit

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