MXDU 2005 next week!

This weekend I will be packing up and heading over to MXDU, last year I had to cancel last minute but this year I will be there for sure. I’m giving two sesssions at the conference. The first “Integrating Flash and .Net on the desktop” is a new session that covers embedding Flash in a .Net WinForm application which will allow people to build custom projecters that meet their exact needs. The other is “Creating Components using the V2 component architecture”, a session that I have given before and has always been popular.

The speaker line-up, the venue, the Xbox Gaming Room, all reason someone should attend. I’m looking forward to my first time in Australia. Make sure to say hello if you will be there!

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One thought on “MXDU 2005 next week!

  1. Wish I could make it this year! Maybe you could tell us about it when ur done. Good luck.



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