Look Ma, No Computer!

I had a great time at my first MAX presentation. About fifteen minutes before I was to present my video card fried. As a Macromedia technician worked on my computer to see if it was something easily remedied, I frantically looked for other options. Another presenter loaned me his laptop and my tack manager had a copy of the presentation, so we loaded up the laptop and I was good to go. When I turned the laptop on back at the session, I was presented with a very unwelcome sight–the login screen. I didn’t have the password.

So, I gave my first presentation with no slides, no examples, and no demonstrations. I was very surprised that only a handfull of people left the room, and noticed very confused looks on the people that came in late. Luckily the topic is more more conceptual than hands-on and based on questions from the attendees it seemed that the presentation went about as well as can be expected.

Near the end my track manager and some Macromedia techs came in with another backup computer and we set it up to help highlight the things that needed visuals for explanation and to show the URL where the presentation can be downloaded.

Integrating ColdFusion with Microsoft Office: Breezo and examples.

For the second session I was able to get a loaner computer from Macromedia far enough in advance to set it up and make sure all required software was installed and the examples ran through correctly.

4 thoughts on “Look Ma, No Computer!

  1. I wanted to change my domain name, think of something like rewind/reverse… and you have it already… you suck :P

    Nice layout btw.. cool and clean =)


  2. Sam,

    At MAX, you mentioned a file converter that could do XML to Excel binary. Did you ever find out what it was called?

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