Speaking last minute at Maryland CFUG

I was called in last minute to speak at the Maryland ColdFusion User Group today on Flash Remoting. Ben Elmore was schedueled to speak about Flex but can not make it. Hopefully not too many people will be dissapointed with the change. If you are there say hello!

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3 thoughts on “Speaking last minute at Maryland CFUG

  1. Hi Chafic!
    Your presentation was great.. Good combination of code and results kept us very interested! (and we forgive the typos) Thanks very much.

  2. You missed your calling, Chafic! The way you responded to the short notice for the presentation you should have been a surgeon and not developing flash applications. You were very engaging and straight to the point. I was the one taking the pictures at the door yet I was able to get something from your presentation. Good job. Hope to see you at CFUN 04.

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