PrimalScript special pricing and new beta out

Sapien will be running a New Year’s Eve special on PrimalScript. As far as I know they wonÂ’t be advertising this anywhere but on the 31st of December from 9:00am till 11:59pm, pacific time, you will be able to purchase the download version PrimalScript 3.0 for $99. Before anyone asks, yeah it is the 3.0 release but you will get the 3.1 release for free once that is out of beta. They canÂ’t really sell beta software.

Also, a new build of PrimalScript is available. If you are using the beta you probably want to upgrade. Here is a list of changes in this the new build.

  • PrimalSense was not including the classes properties if the class has a base class.
  • When you do a find and replace in a selection the selection was no longer highlighted afterwards.
  • Ctrl+F sometimes did not work.
  • PS could freeze on a file with an XML extension that in fact was NOT xml.
  • suffix based types (For the ActionScript 1.0 developers out there, this is a good addition).
  • Installer now finds class and help pathes on non-US windows installations.
  • Tooltips for functions declarations containing tabs or excessive whitespace are now displayed properly.
  • Ctrl+Q and Ctrl+Shift+Q now work on HTML (and other tag based languages) by enclosing in .
  • MXI now added by installer for “Edit with PrimalScript”.
  • Various bug fixes for return types of functions, base class handling, finding declaration of fully qualified class names and so forth.
  • Some non-Flash related items regarding type libary loading.
  • updated look for line number/selection margin.
  • Increase in parser speed.

You can download the new beta build here. As mentioned before, the news server is probably the best place to discuss any issues/comments about the product.

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