The best ActionScript 2 IDE on the planet starts public beta

PrimalScript from Sapien Technolgoies is now available as a public beta! Some of you may have already seen Sam and I post about this editor, if you have not here are some details of what features it brings for ActionScript 2.0 (It also supports 30+ other languages and introduces support for Flex, JSFL, and FCSSAS) .

NOTE: All screenshots include my own custom color scheme that I use which is on a black background. By default PrimalScript uses a “normal” color scheme but if you want to customize it, it can be easily done in the preferences.

Some of the features:

  • PrimalSense: This is PrimalScriptÂ’s version of MSÂ’s intellisense which will give you true code hinting for all classes including your own custom classes.(screenshot1, screenshot2)
  • Class Browser: PrimalScript has a class browser that will allow you to browse through the classes in your project. This is one of those features that really can come in handy, especially when you are trying to get up to speed on all the new classes in Flash MX 2004 or re-visiting an old project. (screenshot)
  • On-the-fly parsing of intrinsic classes from Flash MX 2004
  • Function drop-down list (screenshot)
  • Integration with the Flash Help System. Hit F1 over a keyword, and PrimalScript will display a dialogue of all the help entries in FlashÂ’s help system that match that keyword, and allow you to view the entry from within the IDE. If there is only a single match, it will open that entry automatically (screenshot)
  • Snippet support: Not much here to say but that it is my favorite implementation of snippets
  • External Tool Integration. For those of us with command line tools that we may use from day to day.
  • Macro Support
  • Project Management, including support for bookmarking and source control.
  • Very fast and lightweight
  • And a lot of other little things that I wonÂ’t bore you with

This editor has really improved my productivity, I just can’t say enough about its’ capabilities and Sapien’s customer support. If you are doing any ActionScript 2.0 editing make sure to check it out.

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