UDF to extract tagged data from XML

A webforum user brought up a need to parse the text from an XML document for specific elements and display it in a list. This is something that’s readily accomplished with XPath and XSLT. Here’s a UDF that performs the extraction using an XPath search.

#xmlExtractList(EntryXML, "email")#

Posted in response to this webforum thread.

7 thoughts on “UDF to extract tagged data from XML

  1. ha, yeah, it’s a real pain to have to type my code like that.. <<span class=”cfTag”>cfloop</span> <span class=”cfAttr”>index</span> …

    Seriously, I use a great plugin from Sean Voisen and Mike Jewell. I had to write a CF syntax file but since I already compiled one for EditPlus it was easy to convert to Beautifier.

    More info available in this entry.


    Best regards,


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