UIObject depends on UIComponent

If you’re developing components using UIObject as a base class you may want to know that in order for your component to use styles you’ll need to still include UIComponent in your asset layer. The CSSSetStyle class is initialized through UIComponentExtensions and thus is not available if UIComponent is not included in your asset layer.

10 thoughts on “UIObject depends on UIComponent

  1. It makes sense though, i mean UIObject in itself is supposed to be the base for allot of “UI” objects. If you where to incluse UI functionality, then UIComponent is the a nicer choice as sometimes you don’t need functionality like CSS.

    UIObject would also typically be the core foundation for your UI components, if you plan to write your own framework and would like to utilise the power of scripts like EventDispatcher etc, while still not ruling out future Macromedia technologies, then UIObject is a must.

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