ColdFusion Hosting woes

Even though we run nine servers ourselves at various client sites, we also have some small applications spread across four different hosting providers from projects over the years, all on shared hosts. Anyways, we had problems today with two of the hosts.

MediaTemple is sending out letters to anyone who inquires about ColdFusion hosting stating that they no longer support ColdFusion (we saw the letter in a mailing list). So we called to inquire about it and they clarified that they’re no longer accepting any new clients for ColdFusion support but for now they’re still supporting current customers. That doesn’t give us any kind of warm fuzzy fealing about the future so it seems time to drop MediaTemple.

Hostcentric a few days ago decided to move our account to a different server. We have a few really old apps on one of their CF5 servers and these are apps we know have issues with CFMX but the clients don’t want to upgrade. However, Hostcentric moved them to a new server with ColdFusion MX. The kicker, they didn’t tell anybody. They just moved the apps, which we knew wouldn’t work, so now they’re down. These are in-production apps so we’re in the process of migrating these apps on our own dime today to get them back up ASAP. We’ll be dropping Hostcentric as soon as possible.

I’m hoping we move these to our dedicated servers. I’m not sure why we’re using shared hosts ’cause we have had issues with them and when we add up all our different shared host sites, it’s about as much as what we’d pay for a decent dedicated server. We have some sites on and we’ve been happy with them and have heard lots of good reports.

(knocks on wood)

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6 thoughts on “ColdFusion Hosting woes

  1. I recently moved us over to Crystal Tech and I’m very happy with the service and support. Great company and well worth the few extra bucks.

  2. This blog is on a server that is co-located at I’m not sure how pricey they are for shared coldfusion hosting, but their network and service has been excellent for the past 2 years.

  3. I was like you guys a few months ago, and I stumbled upon These guys have been great and they have given me better support than both crystalTech and MediaTemple. Plus their hosting packages with SQL Server were very reasonably priced. Check the out.

  4. I could not disagree more with the praise of Enterhost above. I have three accounts with them and I have received horrible support. One quick example:

    Their mail servers have been blacklisted on SORBS since 2.13.04. When I asked their technical team on 2.16.04 why my mail seemed to not be getting to the people I was sending it to, they said they had no idea. I sent several emails to them about it.

    After a month of investigating another ISP finally found that Enterhost mail servers were listed on SORBS. I told Enterhost about this and they responded, with – oh yeah, we have known that all along. They did not even admit it until AFTER I pointed it out to them.

    When I complained about this, they said, if you don’t like it, go someplace else. It is hard for me to believe how much they do not care about customer service. I am currently looking for a better ColdFusion web hosting provider. I will check out the two mentioned above. But I would not recommend Enterhost to anyone.

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