B-Line Charting Component 2.5 Released

We have launched our latest version of the B-Line Charting Components 2.5. This version is available as a free upgrade to all existing customers and for purchase at our online store for new customers.

Some of the New features in this version:

  • Flash MX 2004 Support. We continue to use the version 1 architecture with this release but have updated the components to support Flash Player 7 and include an HTML reference of the complete API.
  • 3D Rendering of the Bar, Hi-Low, Line, and Pie Charts.
  • Animation Support.
  • New Charts; Candlestick, and Triangle.

With this release now out the door, we’ve already started development on the 3.0 release of the charting components. We don’t have a solid set of features yet, but can say that it will be a complete re-write using the v2 architecture as well as include new charts and features from customer requests and from our think tank.

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8 thoughts on “B-Line Charting Component 2.5 Released

  1. Hi Sam
    I have just purchased the product. Couple of initial points
    1 Why no horizontal bar charts
    2 Also if i have it right you can only set maximum values of the axes on some charts. On the bar charts i have produced the axes are coming out almost double the maximum value. Your chart maker example works better. What am I missing?

  2. Hi Andy,

    Thanks for purchasing the components.

    There is no horizontal bar chart because the components are architecturally fixed to having a scaled Y axis as opposed to a categorical Y axis (the X axis can be both categorical or scaled). With the 3.0 set along with moving to the new v2 component architecture we’re also changing the underlying architecture of the components in several key ways to address this issue. With 3.0 we will have horizontal bars as well as many more options regarding scaling of axes.

    The axes will auto-scale by default based on the values in the charts. If you want to turn-off auto scaling you can use this code:

    yax = chart.getYAxis();

    If you’re having a problem other than scaling please send an example fla to our support address (support at blinex dot com).

    Best regards,


  3. Hi Sam,

    I am having real trouble getting controling the axis colour and alpha – I have followed the reference guide to the letter but i can’t get it to work – I have even tried using the examples listed in the ref in the guide and inserted them in to the simpleCharts.fla example file but no luck (globalBLChartFormat.axisAlpha = 80; into frame 2 with all of the other globalBLChartFormat statments…) any idea what i’m doing wrong?


  4. Jon,

    Please send all support requests to support@blinex.com. The request will get logged and responded to according to our support policy (which is an extremely generous in my opinion).



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