Generate HTML Help from Flash MX Reference XML Files

This utility converts a Flash MX Reference XML file to a set of HTML help files with the same information. It creates a single HTML file for each reference entry, an “all-in-one” html file for searching, a table of contents with a DHTML tree, and a frameset.

Flash MX Reference XML Converter

To convert a reference file, browse to the file and click “Convert”. The system will show progress as it converts the reference and then send you a zip file.

Note that Flash MX uses a very lax parser and accepts many XML files that are not well-formed XML. This tool requires that all references files be valid XML files.

Flash MX Reference XML Converter

To see an example of a converted reference file, click on this link to B-Line Charting Components 2.0 reference.

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2 thoughts on “Generate HTML Help from Flash MX Reference XML Files

  1. Hi i have a website. Its a msn community website and i wish to add a flash intro to it, i have designed the intro but cant display it on the site because it needs to be on html format. Its a “swt” file.. how can i make this work..? Please help if possible.. Thank u..


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